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“Sponsorship is often hailed as a valuable marketing tool because it helps to cut through the clutter to provide something that people really value. There is some evidence to suggest that fans ... do appreciate the financial contribution of sponsors to their pleasure and this is described as the "halo effect".”

The Italian Guide provides an outstanding opportunity to be associated with the Italo-Australian community.
If you would like to help sponsor The Italian Guide and continue to send entertaining programming to Australia and beyond, please send your contribution to one of the facilities below.

The Italian Guide
is wholly financed by donations and sponsorships from individuals, organisations and businesses that share its vision and values. The Italian Guide is organisationally and financially independent of any religious or political organisation. The program will be a suitable opportunity to brand or otherwise promote
  Italian music merchandise such as albums, DVD’s, ringtone downloads
  mp3 players, portable entertainment consoles.
  Entertainment venues and events.
  Mobile phones & tel-co services
  Italian white-goods and electrical appliances
  Motor vehicles
  Sporting Goods
  Transport options (rail, e-tags)
  Computer games, computers and software,
  High tech items (particularly home entertainment)
  Employment services
  Fast food outlets
  Grocery items such as energy drinks, juices, other beverages, prepared foods, confectionery, vitamin      capsules and pain relief products.
  Men and Women’s fashion.
  Accessories such as jewelry and spectacles.
  Toiletries & Cosmetics
  Lifestyle magazines / publications.

The Italian Guide is produced by Giovanni Albanese. Giovanni has decades of experience in television and continues to work for national and international clients and broadcasters.

The Italian Guide has been on air since 2006 and the 40+ x half hour episodes so far (3 seasons + Christmas special) have been repeated.

Audiences (Oztam figures 2008):
Sydney: 58,000 – 62,000 average per episode.
Brisbane: 15,000 per episode.
Melbourne and Adelaide figures would be similar to Sydney and Brisbane.

By extrapolation, the national audience would average 150,000 per episode first run and with time-shift repeats within the one week a cumulative of 200,000 would be a conservative estimate. This audience is bigger than many commercial free to air and ABC programs, and certainly bigger than almost everything on subscription TV.

Since Feb 2010, the repeats were shown on digital Free TV, and The Italian Guide picked up an extended audience base enjoying the full benefit of our 16x9 digital production finished in Foxtel’s top edit facility.

Many stories for the next season have already been shot, and please visit again for announcements relating to exciting developments for international broadcast of The Italian Guide.

For more information on becoming a sponsor, please contact us at contact@theitalianguide.com.au.

The Italian Guide 2006-2011